What to Do, Where to Start?

What to do, Where to Start?

These are the two most asked questions when people are trying to get started down the road to financial freedom. The first step is to get your mind wrapped around you are worthy to have the financial freedom that you desire. Everything that you desire can be yours if you dedicate a high level of intentional focus and eliminate the self-doubt bug from biting you. You have to be a believer in Abundance. Become a creative. A creative sees the possibility of what could be and ignore the messages that their eyes are sending their brain based on what their childhood or their current environment Building wealth is not a zero sum game. There is an infinite amount of wealth to be created. Your wealth does not subtract from the world, contrarily it adds value to the world. The more you achieve, the more you become a symbol of hope for all of the people that are watching you. You should never rely on one source of income. Only Borrow Money to make more money. A job will pay you based on how easily they can replace you in your current position. Your worth and your job have nothing to do with each other. Create the company you think the world needs, hire yourself and pay you what you think you deserve. Take Action today. Start where you are and commit to evolving along the way. You do not have to be perfect, you just have to start. Your job is your first investor. Use all the net proceeds from your job to help you build a secondary stream of income. Let your secondary stream of income fuel your third stream. Let your third stream build your fourth and so on and so forth until you have 8 streams of income. Self-doubt and not ability, is the number one killer of Dreams! You are capable, yet you talk yourself out of it. STOP THIS NOW

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