Collaboration is a Must

Collaboration is my favorite 13 letter word and it should be yours too. In the culture too many people would rather be the top guy in a "don’t do nothing" company, than a contributing member of a Big company/group.

Why is that? The wealthy understand that we must all work together and support a well thought out structured company versus a bunch of independent organizations with no structure and inexperienced management level talent.

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the history of planet earth, only owns a fractional percent of Amazon, yet some people want to be 100% owners of Big Bubba Ribs & Chicken Barbershop.

What does Jeff Bezos know that some people don’t? He knows his time and talent is limited and the collective group think/execution is greater than anything he could possibly do by himself as an individual, but as a group you can build Amazon.

Our system of economics, capitalism, is built upon people getting great things together as a team yet somehow the messages in the culture goes in direct opposition of this premise.

Why is this?
Is it strategic? Is the man holding you down? Is it something else? I don’t have any time to waste trying to figure any of this out and you don’t either. I am going to offer you the solution to live your greatest human experience:

  1. Take full responsibility for whatever your current state is.
  2. Acknowledge that you are not where you wanna be and say “I will change my current circumstances and not give anything or anyone the power or responsibilities for my existence.
  3. Study the people/organizations doing what you want to do.
  4. Challenge modern day conventional thinking.
  5. View your job as your investor and not your owner.
  6. Dedicate 40 hours a week to your vision.
  7. Connect with other like minded people from around the world using social media.
  8. Read 1 hour a night books about business.
  9. Don’t wait on nobody.
  10. Perfect is the enemy! Get started now.
  11. Evolve as you go.
  12. Mindset matters. Believe you will reach your dreams.
  13. Don’t worry who gets the credit on the team, just perform at an excellent level.
  14. Don’t ever quit no matter how hard it is. Evolve, start over, but never quit.

Your dreams are waiting on your Actions to catch up so you can get going adding value to the world.

We were created to coexist on the planet. The world is such a beautiful place when you are a part of a team achieving a big goal together.

No Sacrifice
No Reward

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Go display your genius!!!!
GOD speed!

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