Money Wars

You have extra money unexpectedly come in from one of your income streams this month and you are contemplating what to do with it. Please let me put something on your mind. Money is like having soldiers who are prepared for battle in your army. They are loyal. They will do whatever you tell them to do with precision accuracy. Or you can exchange them for a good, services or to settle a prior obligation. Just know when you hand over your soldiers to others they will instantly become a loyal soldier to whomever you hand them over to, no convincing necessary and they will forget you ever existed. Alternatively you can take your soldiers and give them a battle plan and they will go out and capture additional soldiers, making your army all the more stronger. Your newest soldiers will instantly have camaraderie and work well with your older soldiers to become a force for you to take on newer more difficult investment opportunities. With this as a backdrop and a strategy to always be putting your soldiers to work, any new soldiers that you get should always be put on a tour of duty to bring you more soldiers prior to you ever handing them over to other people’s army. I usually like my soldiers to do two tours but I never let a soldier out my army without doing at least one tour. A tour can be anything that yields you additional soldiers(dollars), a type of investment if you will! Before you send your soldiers away permanently to someone else’s army, get them to go on at least one tour of duty for you. It would be irresponsible not to.

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